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The Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology offers the full spectrum of general and specialty gynecological and obstetrical care and is a destination of choice for women seeking these services both locally and nationally. Our team not only offers expert patient services; it also includes leaders in basic science, clinical trials, and population-based research.

These leaders and all our members share the common goal of advancing the health of women through clinical care and research. Our research goal is to better understand women’s health and use this knowledge to define new treatments using state of the art research methods, such as proteomics and genomics, advanced microscopy, and novel population-based interventions designed to improve care delivery. Informed by this research, we are fully committed to providing the highest quality, evidence-based care to every patient. We cannot continue giving the same care that has been given for decades. Disorders, such as endometriosis, women’s cancer, and preeclampsia, urgently require new treatments, and as an academic Department, our responsibility to society is to seek out such treatments and improve patient care.  We also must identify the most effective contraceptives and define the conditions that best promote women’s health

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