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The problem with hair loss is that you only notice it when you have lost it considerably while in actuality hair fall should be treated at the earliest so that the damage is limited and the body has to work less hard to repair the damaged hair follicles. In this article let us find out the symptoms and remedies for combating hair fall.

These days, people can visit the internet and look through a rage of different methods which can be used for the problem of hair loss and slow hair growth. However most of the websites which supposedly are giving the tricks and tips for people to learn how to grow hair faster are basically selling some product or the other. So companies which deal with scalp massaging creams will talk about the importance of massaging and those which deal with diet supplement pills will talk about the crucial importance of following a correct dietary pattern accompanied with the intake of the supplementary pills they wish to sell.

Although there are many different chemical cures which have been introduced for people who wish to learn how to grow hair faster it is always better to go in for the natural ways of growing hair faster. There have been many people who have tried the different chemical methods of trying to grow hair at a faster rate, however very few of them have been able to actually see positive results of following such methods. Most people who have tried to experiment with the use of such products without consulting a specialist have had severe hair loss and scalp related problems which is why experts suggest that people should always consult them before starting the application or consumption of products which claim to give quick hair growth.

There are many different processes which have been known to work well for increasing the hair growth however which process will be suitable for which individual is something that only the experts can suggest. Since each and every person has a different type of scalp, each person requires different treatment and methods of growing hair at a faster rate. Those who happen to try to have supplementary pills and buy any and every company’s cream in order to hasten the process of hair growth without consulting a specialist often end up having all kinds of rashes and ultimately have major hair loss due to the use of incorrect chemicals which react on one’s scalp.

In order to learn how to grow hair faster, it is always better to consult a specialist and have him check one’s scalp and hair texture so that the expert can suggest the best possible combination of scalp creams and dietary patterns which can help people in growing their hair at a faster rate. Often it is suggested that people who wish to grow their hair at a faster rate and wish to maintain strong hair should include spinach and beet root and other such vegetables which are rich in iron content.

Since everyone’s food intake and scalp care methods differ, each person may require the introduction of different methods which can help them in learning how to grow hair faster. While some may need to go in for dietary changes the others may need to include regular scalp massage in their weekly routine based on the type of deficiency they may have. Thus, the best and safest method of ensuring that one identifies the right method of finding out how to grow hair faster is to consult a specialist.

Symptoms of Early Hair Loss

The first sign is thinning of hair in some parts of your head, this thin hair gradually starts to fall out and your hairline starts to recede. If you start the treatment at this stage itself you will most probably save your hair, all you will need are certain lifestyle changes that will help a long way in strengthening your hair.

Things You Can Do

1. Take appropriate sleep because stress has been found to be a major cause for weak hair follicles.

2. Massage your head with oils like jajuba or coconut oil as they contain vital minerals and vitamins essential for healthy hair and massaging also helps improve blood circulation to the hair follicles thus helping in repairing process and new hair growth.

3. Take herbs like saw palmetto which have been known to limit dht levels in the body as the cause of hair loss is due to excess dht production in the body.

4. Do not shampoo your hair everyday because it causes loss of essential oils from the hair and weakens them; use it on an alternative day or 3 times in a week. In case you like to use shampoo daily, try to use a shampoo having ingredients like Coconut, Onion Juice and Aloe Vera.

Applying these simple changes in your life will immensely help stop hair loss and help in growth of new healthy hair.


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