The J&K administration has ordered the shifting of the Government Chest Disease Hospital to GB Pant Hospital in the Sonawar locality of Srinagar, as the Pediatric Hospital there has been shifted to newly Constructed Children Hospital at Bemina.

The old CD Hospital had only a 150-bedded capacity while as the one at GB Pant has 250 Bed Capacity. As far as other hospitals of the Srinagar are concerned, the chest disease hospital has been clearly lagging behind due to infrastructure and facilities.

So far as other hospitals of the district Srinagar are concerned, new research programmes are carried out there to find the new ways of treatment for the patients but this spirit is altogether missing in the chest disease hospital, which caters to a huge rush of patients with chest related problems.

The lack of facilities for research and post graduate courses in the hospital is also a hurdle on its progress. Besides this, no renovation was done in this hospital where one can find the old fashioned ward blocks devoid of the proper furniture which stops a lot of people from visiting this hospital despite being so approachable.

People prefer to  visit J.L.N.M hospital at Rainawari or S.M.H.S hospital for Chest Symptoms as the chest disease hospital isn’t well maintained.

It has been observed that a lot has been written about the problems faced by other hospitals of the Srinagar district but this hospital has failed to get the media attention, not to talk of the people in corridors of power.

Chest diseases become more problematic during winters. As the winter is approaching nearer, this is the right time for the authorities to gear up so as to ensure the proper functioning of the hospital.


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